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The Faculty of Integrated Technologies (FIT) at Universiti Brunei Darussalam was established in 2013. The Faculty seeks to deliver quality, design-centric, broad-based engineering programmes based around the GenNext educational structure, and includes two programs, i) Bachelor of Engineering and ii) Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical & Process Engineering). These programmes have been developed through collaborative works with two world leading universities, namely the Stevens Institute of Technology in the United States and Zhejiang University in China, respectively. The Faculty also offers postgraduate studies in diverse fields of engineering under the close supervision of our excellent academics.


Research themes within the Faculty are aligned with the country’s needs and development. This includes research work on systems, healthcare, energy and physical resources. The Faculty of Integrated Technologies works closely with other research centers in UBD, as well as with international researchers in universities worldwide such as Oxford University, St Andrews University, Gothenburg University and Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT) in Japan. The Faculty aims to produce highly-trained and well-educated professional engineers with skills in engineering science, technology and management that will enable them to establish their professional careers in the multi-disciplinary field of engineering. The Faculty welcome students and researchers to join us and share with in this exciting process!



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            Undergraduate FIT Handbook 2018/2019 



        INGENIEUR Issue No. 3 

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