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Staff at Faculty of Integrated Technologies (FIT) carry out active research in diverse areas. The focus of the research at FIT in many ways support the Nation's needs and they are in line with the niche areas for the country's development. Few major potential areas have been identified, those are Energy, ICT, Food Security. FIT has taken steps to carry out integrated research in the areas mentioned. Our research is more focussed on applied engineering in contrast to fundamentals. One of the main aims of FIT is to link outcomes from fundamental research with product development, which eventually is targeted towards commercialization and product quality improvement.



FIT researchers are affiliated with other research groups within the campus. Two of them are UBD|IBM Centre (http://ubdibm.ubd.edu.bn/) and the Energy Research Group. Internationally FIT has developed research partnerships with many established research centres such as Oxford University, St Andrews University, Gothenburg University, Sweden, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AITI), Japan and many more. Some current research areas include Smart Homes, Renewable Energy, Sensors Technologies, Biometric Identification, etc.



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