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Associate Professor of Energy and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Office: Room CG-5, Block C, Integrated Science Building

Phone: + 673 885 1803

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



·         Ph.D in Mechatronics Engineering, Jeju National University, South Korea (2012)

·         M.-Eng in Nuclear and Energy Engineering, Jeju National University, South Korea (2009)

·         PG Diploma in Nuclear Technology, KANUPP Institute of Nuc. Power Engineering, Pakistan (2004)

·         BS in Mechanical Engineering, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engg. Scs & Tech, Pakistan (2003)



Teaching Areas

Conventional and Non-conventional Energy Systems; Additive Manufacturing; Advanced Manufacturing Technologies; Machine Design, Engineering Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship etc.



Current Research Activities

  ·      Nanofabrication of Thin Film Energy Devices

·      Hydrogen storage using activated carbon

·      Inverse heat and mass transfer




Recent Publications

[1]     Mehdi, M., Akhtar, M., Hussain, A., Muhammad, N.M., Alothmany, D. S., Ahmed, I., & Choi, K.-H., (2018). Dip Coated Stretchable and Bendable PEDOTPSS Films on PDMS Substrate Having Micro Bumpy Roughness. Journal of Polymer Engineering. (38 (5) pp. 469-474).

[2]    Iqbal, A., Muhammad, N.M., Al-Ghamdi, K.A., On the effects of magnitude of flank wear as tool life                          

criterion on sustainability measures of a continuous machining process, Proceedings - (2018) 4th International Conference on Control, Automation and Robotics, ICCAR 2018 8384718, pp. 451-455.


[3]    Muhammad, NM., (2017). Adaptive boundary input heat flux and temperature estimation in a three-dimensional domain. In Heat Transfer Research (48 (3) pp. 239-261).

[4]       Ali, K., Choi, K.-H., & Muhammad, N.M, (2014). Roll-to-roll atmospheric atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 thin films on PET substrates (2014) Chemical Vapor Deposition. Chemical Vapor Deposition. (20(10-12), 380-387.

[5]       Choi, K.-H., Ali, K., Kim, C.Y., & Muhammad, N.M., (2014). Characterization of Al2O3 thin films fabricated at low temperature via atomic layer deposition on pen substrates. Chemical Vapor Deposition. (20(4-6), 118-124).

[6]       Muhammad, N.M., Duraisamy, N., Rahman, K., Dang, H.W., Jo, J., & Choi, K.-H. (2013). Fabrication of printed memory device having zinc-oxide active nano-layer and investigation of resistive switching. Current Applied Physics. (13(1), 90-96).



Research Interests 

·         Solar Cell Fabrication

·         Thin Film Energy Devices

·         Hydrogen storage

·         Micro and Nano Fabrication

·         Electrosprays

·         Printed-Electronics

·         Heat & Mass Transfer

·         Inverse Estimation



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