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The Faculty of Integrated Technologies (FIT) Universiti Brunei Darussalam and College of Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) has recently signed an MOU to jointly run Dual Degree Postgraduate Programs. The Master, PhD and Master leading to PhD Programs in Industrial Engineering with the specialization in Smart Factory Convergence will serve as a stepping stone towards the relationship of two world class universities and will also support modern, independent and self-reliant industrial vision of Brunei. One of the main features of this Dual Degree programme is to promote student’s experiential learning by taking modules from SKKU which are in line with the recent IR4.0 developments. The students will have great opportunities to be involved with industry leaders and involved in industry relevant research topics that will be co-supervised by highly qualified staff at SKKU and UBD.


Examples of modules offered by SKKU include:

•       Smart Factory Capstone Design 1

•       Smart Factory Capstone Design 2

•       Introduction to Smart Factory Convergence

•       Fundamentals of Big Data Technologies

•       Smart Factory Basic Programming

•       Smart Factory Application Programming

•       Cyber-Physical System in Manufacturing

•       Smart Factory Cloud Platform

•       3D Printing Manufacturing Applications

•       Smart Factory System Security

•       Smart Factory Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Applications

•       Intelligent Robot and Artificial Intelligence Applications

•       Smart Factory Modeling and Simulation

•       Manufacturing Process Control

•       Industrial Networking Applications


SKKU is ranked 95th in the recent QS world rankings and it is the 15th in the Asia rankings. SKKU spends heavily on research and development, mostly funded by its primary sponsors, the tech-giants Samsung and Hyundai and other government funding agencies as well, thus producing high-end research scientists. 


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