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Chemical and Process Engineering Curriculum Structure

Year 1

Semester 1

Code Module MC
SM-1201 Mathematical Methods for the Sciences 4
Computer Aided Engineering

Fundamental Programming for Engineers
TG-1201 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry for Engineers 4
TG-1302 Mass Balance and Chemical Engineering Drawing 2
PB-1501 Melayu Islam Beraja 4
LE-1503 Academic Reading and Writing Skills 4
LM-1403 Mandarin I 4
  Sub total 24

Semester 2

Code Module MC
SM-1202 Advanced Mathematical Methods for the Sciences 4
TG-1202 Fundamental of Inorganic Chemistry for Engineers 4
TG-1203 Fundamental of Physical Chemistry for Engineers 4
TG-2301 Energy Balance 2
MS-1501 Islamic Civilisation & the Modern World 4
LM-2403 Mandarin II 4
  Sub total 22

Year 2

Semester 3

Code Module MC
SM-2311 Engineering Mathematics 4
TG-2201 Principle of Analytical Chemistry for Engineers 4
TG-2303 Measurement & Instrumentation 2
TG-2306 Fundamentals of Materials Science & Engineering 2
LE-2503 Academic Report Writing & Presentation Skills 4
GE-2401 Ethics, Health & Safety 2
LM-2405 Mandarin for Chemical Engineering A 2
  Sub total 22

Semester 4

Code Module MC
TC-2307 Principles of Chemical Engineering A 4
TC-2308 Principles of Chemical Engineering B 4
TC-2309 Chemical Reaction Engineering 4
TC-2311 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 2
TC-3302 Oil Gas Storage & Transport Engineering 4
LM-3402 Mandarin for Science and Engineering B 4
  Sub total 22

Year 3

Semester 5

Code Module MC
TC-3301 Petroleum Processing Technology 4
TC-3304 Chemical Engineering Automation & Instrumentation 2
TC2310 Chemical Engineering Design 4
TC-4301 Design & Selection of Petrol Processing Equipment 4
TC-4302 Petrol Process Safety & Environmental Engineering 4
TC-4303 Understanding Practice 2
LM-3403 Specialised Chinese for Chemical Industry B 4
  Sub total 24

Semester 6

Code Module MC
DW-3001 Industrial Practice at Hengyi 16
  Sub total 16

Year 4

Semester 7

Code Module MC
TC-4201 Research Project 8
TC-4306 Chemical Process Design & Analysis 4
TC-4307 Renewable and Alternative Energies 4
SC-4311 Semiconductors as Photocatalysts 2
BB-4332 Project Management 4
  Sub total 22

Semester 8

Code Module MC
DW-3001 Industrial Practice at Hengyi 16
  Sub total 16
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