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Invention & Innovation

Program Description

FIT engineering students are trained to exhibit innovative problem solving and critical-thinking skills throughout their academic years by which students develop themselves as design-oriented engineers. These students are also exposed to entrepreneurial thinking. The Faculty offers two modules on Innovation & Entrepreneurship which allow students to use the “Lean Canvas” business modelling approach to design their business ideas, and use their engineering training to prototype their products using 3D printers. The students are expected to pitch their products to senior stakeholders in the government agencies, indirectly exposing the students to the innovation ecosystem in Brunei. The students will also go through a fund raising process which is evaluated by local entrepreneurs and senior stakeholders in government agencies, and use the funding to further develop more sophisticated products. The suitability for commercial launch of team’s final products is evaluated by local venture capitalists.

Story 1

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Story 2

Sleeping Pattern Monitoring Device

Story 3

Project Based Learning Collaboration

Story 4

Robot Service Network Protocol (RSNP) Project in collaboration with AIIT Japan