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Assistant professor of Chemical and Process Engineering

Dr Norazanita Hj Shamsuddin
Assistant Professor of Chemical and Process Engineering


Staff Room 1, CG-9, Ground Floor, Block C, Integrated Sciences Building


Education/Professional Qualifications

  • Ph.D in Chemical Engineering, Loughborough University, United Kingdom (2015).
  • M.Sc Advanced Chemical Engineering with IT and Management, Loughborough University, United Kingdom (2010).
  • B.Eng Chemical Engineering, Loughborough University, United Kingdom (2009).
  • Member of ICheme (2006 – present)

Teaching Areas

Chemical Engineering Design and Analysis, Mass Balance and Chemical Engineering Drawings, Fundamentals of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry for Engineers, Engineering Research Methodologies.

Current Research Activities

  • Environmental pollution and its implications in Brunei Darussalam
  • Impact of point and non-point sources of pollution in Sungai Brunei
  • Membrane science and technology
  • IoT in water quality monitoring and environmental assessment

Recent Publications

Future Projects

Research Profile (UBD expert):

Research Interests

  • Membrane science and technology
  • Water pollution and waste water management
  • Point-of-use water treatment (PoUWT) systems
  • Environmental analysis and monitoring
  • Groundwater
  • Water quality issues