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Senior Professor - General Engineering

Senior Professor Dr Chandratilak De Silva Liyanage
Senior Professor of General Engineering (Information and Communication Systems)


Office: CG.13, Block C, Ground Floor,  Integrated Sciences Building


Education/Professional Qualifications

  • PhD, University of Tokyo, Japan (Department of Electrical Engineering)
    Thesis Title: Study and Design of Advanced Visual Communication System
  • Meng, University of Tokyo, Japan (Department of Information Engineering)
    Thesis Title: User Extendable Interactive Environment for Image Processing with Transparent Distributed Processing
  • MPhil, Open University, Sri Lanka (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    Thesis Title: An Optical Fibre Implementation of a Local Area Network (LAN)
  • BSc(Eng)Hons, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka (Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering)
    FYP Title: Satellite Reception by TVRO – Television Reception Only - with Arthur C Clark Centre for Modern Technology

Teaching Areas Digital Communication Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Measurements and Instrumentation, Power Systems,

Current Research Activities

Bioinspired Sensing systems, Internet of Things, Bird Sound Classification, Biomedical Signal Processing, Audio Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Data analytics for financial market

Recent Publications

Future Projects

Research Profile (UBD expert):

Research Interests

  • Sensor Technologies, Pattern Classifications, Audio Signal Processing and Data Analytics