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General Engineering - Curriculum Structure

Year 1

Semester 1

Semester 2

Year 2

Semester 3

MS-1501Islamic Civilization & The Modern World4
TG-2213Engineering Design III2
TG-2306Fundamental Material Science & Engineering2
TG-2302Engineering Mechanics4
TG-2305Circuits & Systems4
GE-2401Ethics, Health & Safety2
TG-2101Mathematics for Engineers II4
 Sub total22

Semester 4

Year 3

Semester 5

TG-3215Engineering Design V2
TG-2307                                                                Fundamentals of Statistics for Engineers4
TX-3301Engineering Major Stream Module 14
TX-3302Engineering Major Stream Module 24
TG-3305Innovation and Entrepreneurship I2
SM-2201Ordinary Differential Equation and its Applications4
 Sub total20

Semester 6

TG-3216Engineering Design VI2
TX-3303Engineering Major Stream Module 34
TX-3304Engineering Major Stream Module 44
TG-3307Fluid and Thermal Engineering4
TG-3306Innovation and Entrepreneurship II2
 Sub total16

Year 4

Semester 7

TX-4203Capstone Design Project (Energy / Info-communication / Manufacturing)4
TG-4301Engineering Research Methodologies2
TX-4302Advanced Engineering Major Stream Module 52
TX-4303Advanced Engineering Major Stream Module 62
BB-4332Project Management4
AX-2XXXSocial Science Breadth 2
 Sub total16

Semester 8

TX-4203Capstone Design Project (Energy / Info-communication / Manufacturing)4
TX-4304Advanced Engineering Major Stream Module 74
TX-4305Advanced Engineering Major Stream Module 82
TX-4306Advanced Engineering Major Stream Module 9 2
TX-4307Advanced Engineering Major Stream Module 102
 Sub total14

For students enrolling for different major studies, advanced modules within major studies of Energy Systems, Info-Communication Systems and Manufacturing Systems are as follows:

Energy Systems

Info –Communication Systems

Manufacturing Systems